QtADB 2.0 is under development

July 29, 2014 6 comments

Hey QtADB Users!

The QtADB 2.0 is officially under vast development. Unfortunately the heat outside, all of the summer attractions and my professional life slows programming down. The good news is that FileManager features seems to work flawlessly on Rooted and even Unrooted devices. Also what is the main point of QtADB – many devices can work at the same time. I tested copying files simultaneously to four different devices (2 phones and 2 tablets) with variety of Android releases (2.1, 4.2, 4.4) and it worked like a charm.

Thanks to Nik Matt and his kind work, we already have an application icon, but there is still a lot of work to do. First I wanted to make QtADB 2.0 look the same as the original QtADB, but it would be to boring (to develop). I really like the work of Sputnik8: http://www.theverge.com/2012/2/24/2822891/windows-desktop-ui-concept

Now I have to figure out how to adapt this idea to cross platform application, so it could integrate with many different environments. It already looks promising, I hope You will like it.

In the meantime You can visit my website: http://motico.pl/. If You are looking for dedicated Android solutions or custom desktop application, You can drop me a line.

Best regards

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QtADB 0.8.1 fix

April 15, 2014 18 comments


recently some users reported that application crashes on start. I replaced binaries in packages so if You have problems with previous version, please download the new files.

If someone needs the most recent QtADB 0.8.1 sources here is the link: http://motyczko.pl/qtadb/qtadb_src.tgz

Meanwhile I’m going back to QtADB 2.0😉

Ps. If this version also causes segmentation fault, please do as following:
edit /home/yourusername/.config/Bracia/QtADB.conf file and set checkForUpdatesOnStart to “false” as displayed below:
On windows You should seek for Bracia entry in regedit.


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The QtADB 2.0?

February 17, 2014 66 comments


Recently I was wondering if someone would like to see the new version of QtADB. The QtADB developing was abandoned, because the interest for this application has cooled down and I had a lot to do beside this project. In the meantime there was a Qt5 premiere, Android gained a lot of cool new features, many of users reported a magnificence of QtADB and I have less responsibilities now, so I’m considering reactivation of this project.

If You like this project and want to see the new version, or You are a developer and You want to start developing QtADB 2.0 with me, then please let me know. Leave some vote on this post or a comment.

Best regards
Jakub vel 7ymekk

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Some more info

December 9, 2011 12 comments


Some of you probably can’t wait for further development of QtADB so here’s some info.

Finally we’ve managed to get QtADB forum working (with much help of triochi) it’s available here there you can post found bugs, ideas for development, contact us to help us developing, translating or maybe improve ui by creating new icons for the app. Unfortunatelly me and 7ymekk don’t have much time to develop QtADB but we’re still be available on forum or email (mozarcik@qtadb.com and 7ymekk@qtadb.com) to answer questions how things is made in QtADB and where to find things that you’d like to improve:)

So going back to our forum… it’s simple because we don’t have any experience to administrate a forum so if someone would like to help us setting up (changing skins, maybe more plugins or even administrating) forum contact us.

Also i’d like to say that triochi (mentioned earlier) started to improving QtADB – he uploaded QtADB source code to github and it’s available here: QtADB – GitHub

I’d like to warn all of you that download QtADB executables from other sites – remember that it’s open source app and we can’t guarantee that executable available somewhere else is the sam file that was uploaded by us and we’re not responsible to any failures made using QtADB.


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More info about source code

September 20, 2011 4 comments


Recently we’ve uploaded QtADB sources to sourceforge.net. If you are familiar with android and Qt then you can help improving QtADB and make it even better. There are still some great ideas which could be included.

SF.net project website: sf.net/p/qtadb

We’re waiting for new developers who will help us improving QtADB so it remain the best android manager!

For more info contact us at: 7ymekk@qtadb.com and mozarcik@qtadb.com or place your comment below this post.

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QtADB source code

August 28, 2011 16 comments


today I uploaded source code to my site. You can download it right here: QtADB source code it is under Apache license. Remember to download QtADB only from this site to prevent security problems. If You want to help developing QtADB contact me via email ( 7ymekk@qtadb.com ).


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QtADB 0.8.1 + Serbian lang

August 8, 2011 2 comments


sorry for such a delay😉 QtADB 0.8.1 has a lot of fixes, improvements and others but I can’t remember what was fixed. there are some features that You requested but not everything. I choosed Apache licence for my source code and I’ve made all files headers with it. now the only thing left is to choose some source provider (sourceforge I think) but I need some more time to check it out and figure out how it works. If someone want to help me with this please be welcome to contact me on 7ymekk@qtadb.com;)
as You can see there is Serbian lang inside (thank You Bojan)

ps.OSX version is not available yet. Unfortunately I have some problems with this system(some freezes)

new version is as always available on download page

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