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QtADB 0.6


New version is complete (I hope). The main new feature is AppManager:) it lets You to install, uninstall, backup and restore Your apps and data. We also added some improvements like autocomplete IP for wifi connection or fileFilter by name (hiding files that doesn’t contain string from lineEdit). We also made a very useful “Check for new version” option.

full changelog:

  • appManager
  • fileFilter
  • “Check for new version” option
  • few fixes for motorola milestone/droid
  • “remove settings from system” option
  • cancel for copying (still have some trouble with interrupting currently downloading file(the next files will not be copied))
  • “check this if busybox doesn’t support “–color=never” option” – for some i5700 users having problems with QtADB
  • autocomplete IP and port for wifi connection mode (connect phone to the router that is in LAN with PC and QtADB and choose wifi option in QtADB (usb connection needed for change connection mode))
  • and of course some fixes of known issues (not all but most)
  • new appearance for Settings page

So that’s all I remember. Write in comments if You like new version (or QtADB at all). Thanks for downloading and visiting this blog thousands times 😉

PS. Every version (win/lin/mac) contains QtADB binary and aapt file. Put the aapt file in the androidSDK/tools dir

PS2. For some of You I promised x64 version. I need to read more about cross-compilation for x64 so You have to be patient

Best regards




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