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September 13, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Hey there. Some of you may have problems finding out how to use some functions in QtADB. Here’s some info:

  • First run:

Before first run You need to install android-sdk. If You want to use it on Windows – download “Windows libraries” package and unpack to folder with executable. On Linux and MacOS you need to install qt libraries v4.6.2 first. Also app manager You need to download aapt from download page and paste it into tools subdirectory of sdk.

  • Installing apps:

Go to files page and select apk files on computer tab (you can select more than one and not only apk files – QtADB will check if it’s apk file and try to install only applications)

  • Searching for files on phone:

In files page there’s little edit box. Type there filename/directory name you’re looking for and press a button with magnifier on it. You can use asterisk (*) if You don’t know exact name:

  • How to get again apps info:

QtADB stores info about apps in settings (it depends where it is – in Windows settings are stored in registry). Refresh button in apps page checks if there’s any changes to installed apps (some are removed, updated or installed new). To remove info and get again select apps and right-click mouse, then choose “Get info apps” option.

  • Where QtADB stores backups?

QtADB stores backups of apps and data on sdcard in QtADB/backup folder.

If You have other questions feel free to post it in comments, mail us or post in threads on forum.xda-developers.com or forum.android.com.pl

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