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Some info about QtADB


A half year ago 7ymekk posted topic on forum.android.com.pl. This topic described a very first version of QtADB (its first name was android manager). Later mozarcik started to help him developing this application. First versions of this app didn’t provide so much features as now – it only has file manager and shell window. See for yourself how it looked:

A month later it wasn’t look much different:

As You can see in half a year QtADB changed pretty much. It’s free and We’re developing in our spare time. If You like our work and can’t wait for new features You can improve our motivation by donating 🙂 If You miss some feature please send us suggestion: qtadb.manager@gmail.com

Some numbers about QtADB:

  • all downloads: 5500
  • last version downloads: 1800
  • Windows version: 4147
  • Linux: 1077
  • MacOS: 299

And for all that waiting for new version we’ve got some information to whet Your appetite;)

We are working now on new features like:

  • messages: reading, sending, receiving (balloon in system tray), customizing sms view ( in qml language…You can make Your own unique look!)
  • contacts: reading, adding, deleting, importing from file etc…
  • logcat with coloring logs and filters: debug/info/warning/error, tag, pid, message
  • sync

We’re attaching ss from Message page. Current version of QtADB but to show You how it looks We change some options to hide contacts and messages

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