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QtADB 0.8.1 fix

April 15, 2014 18 comments


recently some users reported that application crashes on start. I replaced binaries in packages so if You have problems with previous version, please download the new files.

If someone needs the most recent QtADB 0.8.1 sources here is the link:

Meanwhile I’m going back to QtADB 2.0 😉

Ps. If this version also causes segmentation fault, please do as following:
edit /home/yourusername/.config/Bracia/QtADB.conf file and set checkForUpdatesOnStart to “false” as displayed below:
On windows You should seek for Bracia entry in regedit.


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The QtADB 2.0?

February 17, 2014 67 comments


Recently I was wondering if someone would like to see the new version of QtADB. The QtADB developing was abandoned, because the interest for this application has cooled down and I had a lot to do beside this project. In the meantime there was a Qt5 premiere, Android gained a lot of cool new features, many of users reported a magnificence of QtADB and I have less responsibilities now, so I’m considering reactivation of this project.

If You like this project and want to see the new version, or You are a developer and You want to start developing QtADB 2.0 with me, then please let me know. Leave some vote on this post or a comment.

Best regards
Jakub vel 7ymekk

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