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December 9, 2011 12 comments


Some of you probably can’t wait for further development of QtADB so here’s some info.

Finally we’ve managed to get QtADB forum working (with much help of triochi) it’s available here there you can post found bugs, ideas for development, contact us to help us developing, translating or maybe improve ui by creating new icons for the app. Unfortunatelly me and 7ymekk don’t have much time to develop QtADB but we’re still be available on forum or email ( and to answer questions how things is made in QtADB and where to find things that you’d like to improve 🙂

So going back to our forum… it’s simple because we don’t have any experience to administrate a forum so if someone would like to help us setting up (changing skins, maybe more plugins or even administrating) forum contact us.

Also i’d like to say that triochi (mentioned earlier) started to improving QtADB – he uploaded QtADB source code to github and it’s available here: QtADB – GitHub

I’d like to warn all of you that download QtADB executables from other sites – remember that it’s open source app and we can’t guarantee that executable available somewhere else is the sam file that was uploaded by us and we’re not responsible to any failures made using QtADB.


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