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QtADB 0.7.0

September 16, 2010 Leave a comment

Some of You reported issues with app manager so We’ve tried to fix it. Right know it should work properly. We’ve added some more features:

  • app manager fix (some users reported bugs)
  • phone info page
  • showing app icon and name in file manager setting (disabled by default – enable in settings file manager)

Download it from download page. Some screenshots of new version:

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Application manager fix – 0.6.2

September 12, 2010 Leave a comment

We found a little bug which could cause app manager not to display apps info… We also added some debugging info for helping us to fix any bugs found by You (if You have any problems with QtADB run it in debug mode – run app with parameter “--debug” – and send us file debug.log). We also added new function in app manager – it’s available under right click. New function is “Get apps info” which removes info from settings and gets again for selected apps. Of course new version available for download here

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Some bugfixes and new options – 0.6.1

September 10, 2010 Leave a comment

There is new version available. Some bugs are fixed, some functions and some options added. Version 0.6.1 available to download. Here’s some changes we’ve made:

  • much quicker getting apps info
  • removed option –color=never – instead new option is available – You can choose if You want to color files or not (in shell and files manager)
  • fixed showing files in UTF8 coding (i.e. Cyrillic or polish chars) – thanks to TaciturnMan@xda for helping with this
  • link support for directories – clicking twice on link takes You to folders
  • showing and removing system apps
  • added opening files in associated app(computer only)
  • searching files
  • added progress bar while getting info about backups and apps
  • added options to choose default action on backup and restore buttons
  • better memory management

If You like our work You can donate using PayPal:

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QtADB 0.6

September 1, 2010 Leave a comment


New version is complete (I hope). The main new feature is AppManager:) it lets You to install, uninstall, backup and restore Your apps and data. We also added some improvements like autocomplete IP for wifi connection or fileFilter by name (hiding files that doesn’t contain string from lineEdit). We also made a very useful “Check for new version” option.

full changelog:

  • appManager
  • fileFilter
  • “Check for new version” option
  • few fixes for motorola milestone/droid
  • “remove settings from system” option
  • cancel for copying (still have some trouble with interrupting currently downloading file(the next files will not be copied))
  • “check this if busybox doesn’t support “–color=never” option” – for some i5700 users having problems with QtADB
  • autocomplete IP and port for wifi connection mode (connect phone to the router that is in LAN with PC and QtADB and choose wifi option in QtADB (usb connection needed for change connection mode))
  • and of course some fixes of known issues (not all but most)
  • new appearance for Settings page

So that’s all I remember. Write in comments if You like new version (or QtADB at all). Thanks for downloading and visiting this blog thousands times 😉

PS. Every version (win/lin/mac) contains QtADB binary and aapt file. Put the aapt file in the androidSDK/tools dir

PS2. For some of You I promised x64 version. I need to read more about cross-compilation for x64 so You have to be patient

Best regards




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New version is here :)

July 14, 2010 4 comments

New version is available for download. Unfortunately there is no apps manager yet – it needs more testing and interface improvements 😦

Some changes made in this version:

  • fixed shell
  • rotating screenshot
  • fixed flashing ROM in recovery
  • wi-fi connection (accessible from menu Connection – after using this adb will not detect phone while connected using usb cable. To restore the usb connection, restart the phone or connect via wi-fi and choose usb option)
  • new option to debug (run app with parameter “--debug” it will create debug.log file with some debugging messages – if you have problems send us this file)
  • added polish language (if you want to add your language contact us:
  • changed a little selected files counter
  • icons for files
  • more icons
  • changed window “About”
  • and more improvements
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New version is coming…

July 7, 2010 Leave a comment

New version with app manager and wifi connection will be soon 🙂

(This won’t look like this – it’s just for developing and testing ;))

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