Latest version is: 0.8.1


QtADB source code (updated August 28th)

To use SMS manager You have to install and run QtADB service in Your phone:


You need aapt file in one dir with adb binary. Remember to install Android SDK

If You like translation, be gratefull to

  • dancer_69 (Greek translation)
  • santiemanuel (Spanish translation)
  • Jan (Dutch translation)
  • sugar0 (Italian translation)
  • Kim Luebbe and tobi01001 (German translation)
  • xanadu (Hungarian translation)
  • toto (Czech translation)
  • Paul D (Swedish and Japanese translation)
  • Yashkin (Russian translation)
  • Sohaib (Arabic translation)
  • M Barbosa (Portuguese translation)
  • Bojan (Serbian translation)

We really appreciate Your work:)

older links:


0.7.0 (requires Qt libs 4.6.3):

  • Linux version (updated September 16th 2010)
  • Windows version (updated September 16th 2010) – to make it work You need to download Windows libraries (link below) and aapt for windows
  • Windows libraries (place them in one folder with the app or in /Windows/System32)
  • MacOS version (updated September 16th 2010)

Translation file: qtadb_en.ts (updated March 16th 2011. Use this only for making your own translation – more info here and here. Qt Linguist is an app which could be helpful with translating – download). Check our tranlsation tutorial too

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